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League Fee Information

We value transparency and bridging trust with our community.

Below you will find a financial breakdown for our league fee's

Each league fee covers this array of services: 


We pay our referee's well. $40 a match for RFC as to ensure quality for you and respect towards them. 

Facilities - Gate Fee's

*For your sake, as to not have a higher league fee price upfront we compromised with the park to do a gate fee to allow you to pay this over time directly to the park. Otherwise, our league fee's would be all of your gate fee's added up, up front. On top of the current expense. We have fought for the cheapest way possible here. 

Insurance & This Website

We have a professional business insurance that we pay monthly, as well as, paying for this beautiful website. 

Everyone silently give a round of applause to Preston, for this work of art.

Match Game Balls

We provide high quality match game balls.

Investment into the Redding Youth League

We provide coaches and investment into the Redding Youth League.


We require every player to wear a jersey. Each jersey costs, $21.50. 

Capri Suns & More

We provide Capri Suns and Orange Slices every Monday night, because there is nothing like nostalgia.

More, includes providing special community events like coaches day for our coaches and end of season gifts, including championship t-shirts. 

Administration Fee

Since we have first started, leadership has not taken any profit from any season and have only ever broke even with our expenses. Now that we have leadership officially delegated, as a business we feel an honor and a deep value to be able to pay those that are helping run our league with excellence. Including our owners, league coordinators, league overseer and community organizer. This would not be without them, and it is only right to honor them.

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