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Myron Kolobov
Myron Kolobov

Sonar Platinum Torrent

Sorry to come back to this but in Command Centre, when I open it it seems to take me only to the Sonar Platinum update (I think). I've tried to download both the full version and only the Artist Instruments but I keep getting a message saying 'there's no sonar product on my system' (sorry not sure of the extract wording as it displays in Japanese). I put sonar X2 producer in (only the 1st disc though) and likewise with sonar X3 producer. Now, I've got session drummer 1 but session drummer 3 doesn't show up even on a VST scan. (I've also looked in plug in manager to see if there's anything in not enabled section and there's nothing there.) Any thoughts on where I'm going wrong?

Sonar platinum torrent

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