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Fsx Iris F16 FULL Version Download

Rated 3.5/5.0 based on 27 customer reviews Harold Crowell05/31/20205/5 Verified Purchase I have always loved the look of the F-16. Its clean lines and the way it looks in flight always capture my attention. It is a formidable yet at the sane time beautiful and it is used by several aerial display teams in Flight Simulator and the real world.I decided I would give it a try for myself so took the opportunity to download the free version from SIMSHACK. I had to apply the glass fix so that I could see the outside world from the VC cockpit. My first flight convinced me that this is a great simulator aircraft to fly. a few tweaks of the my T1600 control sensitivity setting have convinced me that I should give this beauty a try in my Aerial Display Team - the FSX Bluebirds. If the remainder of my pilots agree, the fleet will be given a fresh coat of paint in our unique colors and this sweetheart will be in the sky with yet another F-16 aerobatic team.

fsx iris f16 FULL Version download

Sorry, but the free download of the F16 was a poor example of Simshack offerings. The lights and afterburner effects were off center, and the cockpit glass in the VC was obscured. I think this model is available on most "freeware" sites. I assumed that the "free" offerings on Simshack were once "payware" that have been released for download, but I have several "freeware" versions of the F16, which turned out much better than this offering. I will have to say that in the past, I have enjoyed some good "free" and reduced cost aircraft from Simshack. and as always, you get what you pay for. But I think just throwing anything up as a "free" download, is not good marketing. Now, if the plane was an older "payware" with top quality textures, and gauges, would be a different story. But thanks for all the good service in the past...

Milviz is the better F-15. More advanced systems. Weapons are fully functional. You can download the manual from their site before you buy and get a feel for some of the depth. Iris makes an F-22 but it's not considered very good. I believe the F-22 is still a little bit classified, so the cockpit is not 100% photo realistic. It's VC definitely doesn't compare with the VRS. But if you just want to bomb around in an F-22 I bet it rocks. But definitely get the VRS F-18. You may find after digging through the manual and trying to learn it that you don't need anything else.... 350c69d7ab


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