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The Witcher Enhanced Edition Save Game Download

A file containing three end game saves for all paths and ready for The Witcher 2 import. All save files contain Raven's Armor, D'yaeabl (Steel sword) and Aerondight (Silver sword), which can be used in The Witcher 2.Paths: Neutral, Scoia'tael, Order

the witcher enhanced edition save game download

On this page of the guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will find out whether you can transfer saves - between different platforms (different console models and PC) and between the original release of the game and the next gen version. We also answer whether you can automatically unlock previously obtained trophies for the next-gen version.

If you have the original game or the Game of the Year edition, you don't have to restart the game - you can simply transfer your saves. You will be able to continue your playthrough on the next-gen console. The next-gen edition is fully compatible with older saves.