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In the Spring of 2020 when life got tougher and people felt restless indoors, a small group of friends started playing pick-up soccer at Caldwell Park on Monday nights as an outlet for fun and safe competition. They had so much fun that they just never stopped.

RFC offers players and fans alike to take a break from the noise by providing fun inspired soccer leagues.


By the Fall of 2020, RFC had become an official club with 32 players and more and more regularly wanting to participate. The first league launched with small goals, orange cones, orange slices, and four teams of eight players. 

The league picked up a loyal following and by the next season, and RFC was able to expand to six teams, as 72 players came out to be a part of Redding's favorite adult soccer league.

In 2021, we were honored to host 100+ players on eight teams, and for the first time, we provided referees and team jerseys. That winter, we also launched our first Indoor League!


In the Spring of 2022, we expanded to 12 teams and launched a youth program to coach 10 and 11 year olds future RFC All-Stars.

In the Fall of 2022, we hosted our largest league yet with over 160 players on 12 teams! We hope you'll come join the fun!

We are excited about all of the growth happening within RFC and we are continually looking for more ways we'll be giving back to the local soccer community. All the while, we haven't lost our values for friendship, fun, and Capri Suns at half-time. 



There's never been a better time to join the RFC Crew.​ 

Here's how to jump into the action...


1) Join a league by filling out a sign up form!

This is an important step so we have the information we need to get you on a team :)


2) Pay your league fee and sign a health waiver.

3) Come out for Opening Night where you'll meet the crew and be placed on a squad!

As the season approaches, you'll be contacted by our team with more info on Opening Night (via text and email).

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